About Us

For 13 years we have been buying containers from the shipping lines to sell to the general public, we have forged long term relationships to get first access to available equipment for sale in BC. Derek Hall, formerly the operations manager for BC’s CMA repair depot, has extensive experience with the repair and inner workings of containers and how they are made. In 2007 he embarked on modifying these units to build storage units and add doors for ease of use by the customer, this quickly became popular but had only a small operation so with just 2 people remained on a small level for many years. After 2012 he expanded his operation and focused on retail sales selling thousands of units per year straight from port to customer but in order to expand, a dedicated manufacturing division had to be established focused on modifying and manufacturing container structures.

In 2017 Fire Containers was born, Dave and Derek, brothers and fire fighters, joined together on the financial quest to build a 20,000 sqft manufacturing facility in maple ridge. Also owning a private fire service learned a lot about the risks of outfitting containers with flammable material as their competitors have been building. Having a father that was an engineer gave them the knowledge they needed to design offices and storage structures to be as fire resistant, long lasting, and economical as possible. The brothers added John with 35 years construction experience to help them source Canadian products that are economically sustainable for our Province and redesign their office interiours to make them the best on the market. Building new and used offices, storage units, and custom structures has become a multi million dollar business that large rental companies are coming to us to help fill their demands. 

Fire Containers is proud to be a family owned business that sources BC and Canadian manufactured products whenever possible. Dreams and storage solutions, built locally, shipped Canada Wide.